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Helping Ourselves Pursue Enrichment, Inc. (HOPE) began over thirty years ago as a grass-roots movement of community members seeking recovery support from their peers. As they navigated the system together, it became clear that the path to recovery was more easily traveled with help from someone who had navigated the system. Today we are doing what we do best as a Specialty Provider; offering hope to those in need through the provision of professional peer-driven behavioral health services. We're in it together and better than ever.

HOPE's Mission is to deliver recovery-based community services using empathy from our own experience to ensure every individual achieves the most fulfilling life possible.

HOPE's Vision is to create an environment that empowers Members to make their own choices about their recovery journey. To achieve this vision, the creation of HOPE's dynamic environment is based on the following:


  • Peer and Family Member Feedback

  • Member Resiliency

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Health & Wellness Initiatives that Integrate Physical & Mental Health


HOPE is a Peer and Family Run Specialty Provider of Behavioral Health Services. Every employee at HOPE is either a peer or a family member who is dedicated to a unique model of service delivery that focuses on a team approach to recovery. We work in collaboration with each individual to create a plan that strives to meet their personal preferences and goals for wellness, recovery and reintegration.


HOPE’s unique model of service delivery eliminates the role of a single individual managing someone’s recovery goals (a ‘Case Manager’) and focuses on a team approach to recovery. We understand that no-one knows more about your hardships, your victories, your life and your recovery than you. Our philosophy in peer support work is that YOU are the expert and so we are here to support you in any way to help you achieve the goals and priorities in life that you want. 

The Evolution of HOPE