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I describe myself as a "48 year old, intelligent, spiritual and good-looking woman...a nana...a proud mom and a good wife." I am very proud to say that I have roughly 6 months clean. My "Peeps" all go to HOPE--the best behavioral health center in Tucson.

I have been a Member of HOPE, Inc. for about 2 1/2 years and find that the best groups for me, my favorites, are Anxiety Management, Relapse & Prevention, SMART Recovery, Art Classes and Stress Management. My Peeps are real and they help me get through another day clean. I adhere to the "one day at a time philosophy" and find strength through my friends at HOPE, where it feels as though people care. Being here has given me the courage to turn my life around. I have made lifestyle changes where drugs have no place, there are no "druggies" as friends and no dealers on speed-dial. My recovery is spiritual based; I believe in a higher power and I pray often.

It has been great to be on the Member Council here at HOPE. It keeps me real and it keeps me busy. I get to laugh and share stories with fellow Members. Everyone has a story to tell, and truth be told, I learn from other Member's stories. I advise people who are traveling the recovery road to not beat themselves up, because we all make mistakes and we can survive one day at a time with the helping hand of friends who share a similiar story.